The true faith

Liberal Christians, who accept gays and believe a woman has the right to choose, say I am not a Christian unless I disavow conservative Christians, who have polar-opposite views. Conservative Christians say I am not a Christian unless I admit that gays go to hell, as well as baby-killers, unless they are converted and repent from their evil ways.


Christians who accept the Prosperity Gospel say I am not a Christian unless I pay them money so I can get rich, which will prove I have faith in God. Christians who disavow such beliefs say I am not a Christian unless I summarily reject the aforementioned Christians.

There still exists the old battles between Calvinists and Arminianists, and also battles between pre-tribulationalists and post-tribulationists. Must I be a Baptist and get dunked under water, or a Catholic and eat a cracker and sip some grape juice?

Then there are political Christians who say that unless I join their party I am in danger of God’s wrath. Of course, there are some Christians who actually know for a fact that I am a Christian. It works like this: America is a Christian Nation, I am an American, therefore I am a Christian.

Thank God I wasn’t born in Canada…


6 thoughts on “The true faith

  1. I don’t think that is true for us liberals. We admit that Christianity is very wide: “In my Father’s house are many rooms”. Christians are diverse: those who follow Christ are not perfect.


  2. The Word of the Father Above – the Bible King James Verson – clearly declares what sin is and its remedy…You will find your answers there. 🙂


  3. The point of this post is that so many people, who all call themselves Christians, have so many different beliefs, all springing from the same Bible. Many, not I, but many, would say that you are not a Christian!


    • The false concept that the Bible is so confusing that it can be correctly Interpreted in many different ways is the greatest argument against Christianity.


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