Civil War II

Much as I wanted to avoid this story, it is becoming more and more evident that it can not be ignored.

Cliven and Carol Bundy, and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, have been involved in a lengthy dispute over the alleged misuse of federal land for grazing. According to the BLM, the Bundys have used federally managed public lands for their cattle and have refused to pay the appropriate grazing fees for the past 20 years. The bureau says the family has ignored repeated warnings to remove the cattle. The Bundy family now owes more than $1 million in unpaid fees, the BLM says, which prompted the agency to obtain a federal court order last week to seize and auction off the Bundys’ cattle.

A stand-off then ensued between federal law enforcement agents and about 300 armed citizens supporting Cliven and Carol. Hours later, the feds departed…


The media has determined that this isn’t the end of the story, it’s merely the beginning. Voices on the Right, the Far Right, and the Far Far Right say this is the start of the next Ruby Ridge. Or the next Waco. Either way, Obama is going to kill American citizens. The Fox News commentators have been riling up their audiences all week. Obama is a sinister megalomaniac. Unless nothing happens, which would prove the meme the Obama is weak.

Next question…


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