Hell is for children

My beautiful daughter, Rachel, left this world way, way too early. She was, by any account, a wonderful person. Humble. charitable, loving. Family always came first, and her daughter, Leslie, was her heart. If anyone deserves to go to heaven, it would be Rachel.

But, she’s in hell. She’ll spend eternity burning in the Lake of Fire. All she will ever know, for centuries upon centuries without end, is tortuous, unbearable agony. This, according to Christians, is undisputed, undeniable fact. And it’s all because she did not believe in God.

She wasn’t a hostile enemy, she just never accepted Biblical logic. It didn’t make sense to her. And according to every person on the planet who knows with complete certainty that if Adolph Hitler accepted Jesus with his final breath, he’d be in heaven, enjoying paradise forever, my beautiful daughter’s fate is sealed.


I’m sorry, but that’s something I cannot reconcile. Rachel meant, and still means, everything to me. So if Christians are right and she really is in hell right now, I know I’ll see here again some day.


4 thoughts on “Hell is for children

  1. I dont believe in hell or heaven, if they existed then God would have made her own choice, she certainly would not have followed any religious texts that much I know.

    I am really really sorry to know that you lost your child at such a young age. It must have been hell for you! May her sweet soul rest in peace forever.


  2. The concepts of heaven and hell were designed by power freaks who want to control everyone else. I do not know that there is a god, but I am convinced, if he exists, s/he didn’t create us for punishment.


  3. I read this earlier and didn’t know what to say, in the time following my earlier visit
    it has haunted me in a way- something that keep returning to my thoughts.
    I imagine the grief of losing a child is difficult if not impossible to overcome and your
    love and devotion to your daughter unquestionable – your willingness to spend
    time in a hell that does not exist to be in her company speaks volumes to not only a
    father’s but you as person.
    Be well and stay strong.


  4. I am sorry for your loss. Having lost my son when he was 19 I know the pain. Hell and eternal punishment seems to be a “beloved” doctrine amongst conservative evangelicals. It wasn’t always that way. The first 500 years of the church the dominant view was universal reconciliation, that God through his great mercy and love, forgave all of us through Jesus’s sacrifice, that the divine goal has always been to “redeem” everyone and everything. Things got messed up when the Roman (Latin) church joined the Roman Empire and took on the violent trappings all that entailed. As a result the Western church has had a violent streak ever since.


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